Exhibit Hall

The interactive displays in the exhibit hall provide background and context about the wildlife, the ever-changing coastal ecosystems, and the human history of the area — including the rugged iceboats that ferried people for 100 years between Cape Jourimain and Prince Edward Island.

Within the exhibit hall you will find:

The Ornithology theatre:
It features 170 species of birds that either nest here or use the area during the spring and fall migration. The diversity of species is a result of the fact that we have seven distinct ecological habitats. There are a series of questions in front of you and you can hear and see the answer to each question when you press the button.

The iceboats:
For 90 years — beginning in 1827 — a perilous method of transport connected Prince Edward Island to the mainland during the long winter months. In winter, the Northumberland Strait between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island becomes a dangerous expanse of board ice, pressure ridges, and open water dotted with fast-moving ice floes. To cross, those boats were designed with runners to ease dragging across patches of ice, and prows designed to ride up on the ice, allowing safe disembarking.

The diversity tree:
This tree represents the very unique ecosystems that make-up Cape Jourimain. It tells the story of Cape Jourimain’s diverse array of habitats and inhabitants.
Mixed forests, including a variety of stand types and ages;
Coniferous forests including black spruce bogs, white spruce, and a cedar swamp;
Coastal hardwood forest with a diverse assemblage of tree and shrub species;
Shrubby field communities that occupy old agricultural sites;
Freshwater marshes created by dams made by people and beavers;
Brackish marshes isolated from the reach of the tides by the causeway;
Salt marshes that were once dyked but have regained their natural character;
A sand dune stretching along the northwestern shore;
Rocky shorelines colonized by mussels and oysters and frequented by gulls and seaducks;
Tidal flats where clams and periwinkles abound.

The World-class bird carvings:
Featuring more than 20 world-class bird carvings by renowned carver Jim Edsall, the Cape Jourimain exhibit hall provides a multi-layered look at the natural history of this coastal area. Click here to see Jim Edsall’s work.



Observation Tower

You’ll be amazed by the 360° degrees view our 4 story observation tower gives you. You’ll enjoy the best view of the Confederation Bridge, of the marshes, an osprey nest, the forests, the top of the lighthouse and so on… (no wheelchair access).

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