Cape Jourimain Lighthouse


A point of light

The history of the Cape Jourimain Lighthouse is a story about John Bent, his son, grandson and great-grandson. From the 1870 through 1949, four generations of Bents are likely the longest-serving family of lighthouse keepers in Canada:

  1. John Bent: from 1870
  2. Arthur W. Bent: from 1876
  3. A.Y. Percy Bent: from 1901
  4. Arthur Bent, Jr.: until 1949

Other lighthouse keepers include Lewis Wells, Silas Ross, Charles Stright, Ivan Sprague, Merrill Trenholm, and Kensel Spence.

Cape Jourimain Lighthouse Project

lighthouseprojectIn 2015, the Government of Canada officially recognized and designated the Cape Jourimain Lighthouse under the Lighthouse Heritage Protection Act and transferred ownership to the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre.

This was particularly significant as shoreline erosion through several major storms have threatened the lighthouse.

On August 3rd 2016, we moved the lighthouse safely back from the shoreline and placed it on a new foundation, thereby preserving this iconic structure.

  • Our objective is to completely restore the Cape Jourimain Lighthouse for visitors to enjoy for generations to come.
  • We are currently fundraising to proceed with the next stage of restoration and your help would be greatly appreciated.  For more information please contact our administration at (506) 538-2220.